A Participative Information System for Decentralised Development in Andhra Pradesh

The Mapping Andhra Pradesh M[AP] web portal has been created to serve a large and varied user base including government departments, locals, their representatives, NGOs, researchers and the general public.

The portal integrates into an initiative by the Andhra Pradesh government to systematically utilise information technology to increase the efficiency of the delivery of services and enhance the participation in existing networks.

At present the portal contains about 150 indicators with the ability to view them for multiple geographical extents (from state to mandal level) and at multiple levels of detail (from district to village as well as parliamentary and assembly constituencies) amounting to a total of about 81,300 maps.

The statistical data used are derived from publicly available data and the geo-spatial layers have been projected to follow the WGS84 standard.


The project was undertaken by GMIS Consultants Private Limited in partnership with the Vision Management Unit of the Andhra Pradesh government.

GMIS Consultants Pvt Ltd is a knowledge and information consultancy firm based in Hyderabad. It specialises in geo-oriented data management and visual analytics.

The Andhra Pradesh Vision Management Unit was created to foster bold innovations in public and private sector services, support institutional strengthening and capacity building of government departments and provide an independent review of the performance of the government in delivering the Vision's Inclusive Governance and Globally Competitive Economy Programmes.

Festival International de Géographie (FIG)

The Mapping Andhra Pradesh M[AP] web portal was presented, and won third place, at the Concours géovisualisation et cartographies dynamiques (the competition for geovisualisation and dynamic mapping) 2016, at the International Geography Festival of the city of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, in Lorraine, France.